Less Blue. Better Sleep.

Use Bedtime Bulb before bed to promote quality sleep.

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Could a great night's sleep be as simple as changing a light bulb?

Use Bedtime Bulb in the evening to promote relaxation and quality sleep.


Blue light blues.

Phones, computers, TVs, and even the lighting in your home all produce sleep-interrupting blue light.

Bedtime Bulb drastically reduces blue light, allowing you to see in the evening while contributing to healthy sleep. 

It also looks great in any decor.

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#healthylight for all.

For every Bedtime Bulb purchased, we give healthy light to one person in need.


what users are saying

Since replacing my bedside lights with Bedtime Bulb, I haven’t had to take any sleep medications. I feel so relaxed while reading in bed.

—Susan, Graphic Designer

Bedtime Bulb is a fantastic tool to help parents reclaim smooth sleep for their little ones…and themselves!

Erica, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I use this bulb with my favorite lamp every night and I really really love it. If you use the add-in "f.lux" on your laptop, this is for you.

—I-Ji, Biologist