The light bulb for healthy sleep.

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Bedtime Bulb drastically reduces sleep-interrupting blue light.

Use it in the final hours of the day to promote relaxation and quality sleep.

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the latest lighting technology.



Every white light source produces some amount of blue light, which can interrupt quality sleep. LessBlue™ Technology emits less blue light than over 99% of light sources, including typical LED and halogen lighting.


Vivid Colors

Most LED light bulbs don't render colors well. This causes people, images, and objects to look dull and unsaturated. Bedtime Bulb produces a vivid color spectrum, making it easier to see the printed page and the rest of your environment.




Almost all LED light bulbs produce flicker, a rapid flashing that can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and loss in concentration. FlickerSafe™ Technology eliminates harmful flicker, providing a smooth, constant light that's better for the mind.



your evening routine. in style.

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the perfect evening light.


Warm, Relaxing Light

Bedtime Bulb provides the right light for reading, watching TV, and other evening activities. It's neither too bright nor too dim, and the warm white color promotes calm and relaxation—like a candle.

Reduced Glare & Eyestrain

Household lighting is too intense for the late evening. Bedtime Bulb is engineered specifically to provide more comfortable nighttime light. The instant you switch on Bedtime Bulb, you'll notice the muscles in your eyes relax.


Matches Any Decor

Most modern light bulbs don't exactly belong in a museum. Bedtime Bulb has a classic, premium appearance and feel that you'll want to show off, no matter your style.



better for you. better for the world.

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For every Bedtime Bulb purchase, we give #healthylight to one person in need.

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experience the evening like never before.

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