Bedtime Bulb FAQ

Model: BB01 (A19 Standard) | BB02 (B10 Candelabra)

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Where can I buy Bedtime Bulb?

You can purchase Bedtime Bulb online on (USA) or (Canada). Let us know if you would like a version of Bedtime Bulb for your country!

How do I install Bedtime Bulb?

Just replace your existing light bulb. Model BB02 fits in an E12 (candelabra or small) base. We also offer a model that replaces a typical 40 or 60 Watt bulb (BB01).

Should I use it while sleeping?

Ideally, you would turn off Bedtime Bulb and keep your room as dark as possible during sleep. However, if you are uncomfortable sleeping with the lights off, Bedtime Bulb is a great alternative to other light sources, which produce more sleep-disturbing blue light.

How should I use the product?

You should use Bedtime Bulb in place of existing lighting for the last 1-3 hours of the day. When you are ready to sleep, turn off all lighting, including Bedtime Bulb.

Is it dimmable?

Yes, with certain dimmers. Please check this table to verify compatibility. If you have questions about a specific dimmer, contact us.

Is it bright enough to read with?

This model is a bit brighter than a 25 Watt incandescent light bulb (250 lumens). Thanks to a high color rendering index (CRI), Bedtime Bulb can render images with high clarity. You may find that normal light sources are actually too bright for nighttime reading once you become accustomed to Bedtime Bulb. If you are concerned about the brightness, model BB01 is brighter.

Is it UL Listed?


How much power does it use?

4 watts. Refer to the tech specs for more information.

What technology does it use?

Bedtime Bulb is powered by light emitting diodes (LEDs). Unlike most LED lighting, Bedtime Bulb has a very high color quality and produces very little blue light, thanks to LessBlue™ technology.

Does it work in other countries?

BB02 only works in North America (120 V / 60 Hz). Do not attempt to use Bedtime Bulb in other countries with higher voltages. Let us know if you would like a version of Bedtime Bulb for your country!

How can you claim this product is good for sleep?

Most lighting produces a lot of blue and green light, which has been shown to trick the circadian rhythm into thinking it's daytime, even when it's not. Bedtime Bulb produces less blue/green light than any other "low blue" product on the market, making it ideal for the evening. Refer to this table for a comparison to other light sources and this article for an explanation of the science.